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Cancellation Policy


Sky Maids have been working hard a to maintain a very affordable and consistent quality service for you.
However, unacceptable last minute cancelations have been harming our schedules and services. It generates overwhelming costs making difficult to keep your low cleaning prices.


1) All cleanings are charged on Mondays;

2) Please ask if you don’t know your cleaning days;

3) All clients should provide a valid Credit Card info for the cleaning services payment and/or for any incurring extra charges due for any schedule change, trip charges or cancellation policies charges.

4) At your service  day and time you always will be on the regular cleaning schedule. 

5) We never cancel services.

6) Sky maids keeps our structure and your cleaning team, so you as client, please, must keep your schedule. 


7) Services Cancellations or re-scheduling can be done up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment FREE of any cost. Cancellations or re-scheduling within 24 hours generate a $65 charge.

8) In rarely cases, if you really need to cancel, you must let us know in advance (business hours 8 to 3 pm).

9) You can do it for free up to 24 hrs before. Independent of the reason, Your service will be re-scheduled for the closest date. (No refunds made)

10) Cancellations at the client door voids any service voucher, or appointment and the full cleaning amount is due.

11) No cancelations accepted after 3 pm at the day before your service (schedule is already closed and final, full pay for that service).

12) For any communication with Sky Maids the client agrees to use the email and fones here listed:
- Office : 1-888-762-6130 ( voice calls and texting - Business Hours )
- Email: ( email message - Business Hours )
13) No message, texting or voice calls will be checked or considered if done or sent out of office business hours (8 to 3 pm - Monday to Friday)

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